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About SmartBuild Automation

One Clitch away from a Smart Home

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With our experience, network and innovative products, our goal is to be the one-stop place for all smart home automation solutions. Our products can take care of all your needs, with a simple clitch.

Our Projects

Our ease of setting up smart home solutions, in as fast as a single afternoon, makes us the ideal choice to make your loving home into a smart one. The ventures we have made a difference in speak for itself.

Our Smart Model

Our use of RF not just allows customization but also reduces installation costs. And our state-of-the-art products can be used with or without the internet. The crossing into a smart home begins with a single step.


Our mission is to make smart home automation accessible and affordable while offering the best experience, combined with the latest stylish and elegant technological products. We work closely with our clients to make their home automation ideas into reality. If you want anything automated, we will make it happen.


Our vision is to make your home comfortable. The primary aim of a smart home is to ease daily life and increase user comfort. We achieve this by automating routines while enabling homeowners to manage their homes remotely. Dedicated to excellence in home automation, we are in sync with what is important to our customer and how best to meet their needs. So, if you are looking for home automation, put your trust in us.

Our Story

What started as an idea evolved into a dream and then grew into the company we are now! Melange Systems, are pioneers in the wireless modules domain of auto metering solutions. Having made a name for themselves and setting the standards, Suvana wanted to let the home market see the benefits of wireless strengths of Melange.

The effortless ease, efficiency and success of our innumerable wireless products made us venture into the home automation terrain and extend wireless controls of Melange into the domestic market with our company, SmartBuild Automation erstwhile Suvana Techno Solutions.

With a humble beginning of making the utility integrated smart plug, we later moved to switch board controls with legacy switches and have now evolved into the present elegant capacitive touch switchboards with complete solution integrated switch boards for retrofit.

Led by a team of passionate, hard working and dedicated professionals, we have a combined leadership of over a century in Fortune 500 firms and entrepreneurial endeavors alike. Our varied experiences in our respective fields and areas of expertise gives us the much-needed edge in today’s generation, to make SmartBuild Automation grow and take it to the next level in the years to come. We as a company are always ready to grow, adapt and be in sync with what’s happening now.