Gateway Smartplug

This Gateway Smartplug is designed to control your home appliances with the ease of smart phone, while you are on the go. It acts as a bridge between the smart devices and an app bringing in a new gateway technology to handle commands. It will assist tracking energy consumption of home appliances, which will let you analyze overall power budget. What’s more, it can also automatically switch off, if energy consumption goes above limit.

Simple Retrofit

Compactly designed to fit into existing Indian gang boxes.

Simple Installation

It just takes a couple of hours for an entire home to become smart.

No Extra Wiring

No separate data cabling required. your regular electrical wiring is enough.

Hum Free

No buzzing or humming sound when regulating fan speed.

It is the bridge between home automation RF network and local Wi-Fi network.

Enables bi-directional communication between end control nodes /sensor nodes and Smart Phones / Tablet / Cloud.

Compact smart plug device with standard 230V/5A AC Plug.

Connects loads and control through remote & Android App.

Supports IPv6 addressable nodes in 6LoWPAN RF Networks.

Supports cloud connectivity for the global access.